The Real Struggles of Being Racially Ambiguous



Since I could remember people have been asking me about my ethnicity... constantly. When I tell people what I am they are always surprised.

I am bi-racial but I’m light skinned. I'm half black, half white, with smaller traces of Thai and Native American… but for some reason no one ever wants to believe that. My Mom is white and My dad is black. He and one of his sisters are light skinned but the other three of his sisters are darker. So why is my dad light skinned and his sisters are darker?  Well I don’t really know but there is research on it somewhere out there.

The reasoning for this post is because it's been on my mind a lot lately and I just want to talk about it and maybe spark a conversion. So without further a due here are the struggles I live with being racially ambiguous…



1. I am constantly asked where I am from…
I’ve noticed that a lot of times people don’t know how to act or speak to you unless they know your race. :/

2. When I tell them I’m from here, they say “No, where are your parents from?”

3.  What does your name mean?
Yeah, my name is pretty different and most people have never heard it before but for some reason people think because my name is so different that also means I am not “from here”.

4. Finally people ask me what my ethnicity is, but mixed is not good enough. :/

5. So I tell people I am half black, half white and they either don’t believe me or they proceed to tell me I don’t act like it or that I don’t look like what I am. Then I get: oh well you look Egyptian, Indian, Russian, Italian and a bunch of other things (which could be a whole other blog post in it’s self).
And to make it worse I get told, "you don’t act like it." 

6. They always proceed to tell me how “exotic” I look but not after seeming disappointed by my not-so-exotic ethnicity.


7.  I also get asked a lot about all the different languages I can speak, and when I tell them none they're all like "WHAT?!? You can't speak any other languages??"

I can only speak English with traces of Spanish from taking classes in school and a decent amount of sign language, which I took two years of in high school.


8. I also get told how much I look like some other racially ambiguous celebrities.
The most popular ones I get is either Amal Clooney(George Clooney’s wife), Cece (from New Girl aka Hannah Simone), or Nicole Scherzinger (from The Pussy Cat Dolls).

9. And no one understands unless they are also racially ambiguous.


Athough these are some of the struggles I deal with from looking different, I love the way I am. I've always loved being different, whether that's because of how I look or because of my really out there personality. It's who I am!!  

Anyways, thanks for reading this not-so-fashion, really ranty blog post about my struggles haha. What do you think and have you had any similar experiences? If you have don't hesitate to comment about it down below, I'd love to hear about your struggles or experiences!  <3 <3