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Anti-Valentine’s Day 🥀 | 02.12.19

I love Valentine’s Day mainly because my favorite colors ( other than black) are pink and red and all the decorations are so cute! but I love Anti-Valentines Day even more… all black looks with a pop of red or pink are some of my favorite types of looks. I kept this outfit pretty casual…

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Fall // Winter Try-on Haul | 01.22.19

Hey guys! Here is a video I put up sharing all of my recent pickups over the last couple months from places like Love Too True, Dolls Kill, Valfre + More. I’m kind of awkward and shy just because this is my first talking video but I had a lot of fun filming it and I hope you enjoy <33

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Ragged Priest | 01.09.19

I’m wearing chartreuse pants!! I’ve always been that person that doesn’t really wear too much color… so I’m definitely stepping a little out of my comfort zone with these green pants. Lime green & chartreuse has always been one of my fave colors/ a color I’m drawn to but i’ve never felt like I could wear the color

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