The Sunglass Edit | My Collection 2018


One of my favorite things is my sunglasses collection. If I see a cute pair of sunglasses I always have to pick them up. I feel like they can really just tie an outfit together and they are just the perfect accessory. I wear sunglasses all year round no matter what. I thought it would be cool to share my collection and also show some really cute affordable sunnies for you to pick up that are trendy and won't cost you very much at all. I just recently picked up a couple pairs of higher end sunglasses for $15 a pair from TJ Maxx (best place for sunglasses ever!)


I get most of my sunglasses from Forever 21 as you can probably tell from the photo above because they're cheap and they honestly hold up pretty well. A couple pairs I have, I've had for like 3-4 years. My favorite sunnies at the moment are my octagon gold pair from Guess and the circle ones from H&M ( I know I have mostly circle sunglasses but they're my fave style ) I'm also really liking the ones from Lucky Brand, they're a pretty timeless style and these ones are great quality... scored them for $15 at TJ Maxx.



I do have an affiliate code with Monarch Tokyo that gives you $$$ off if you're interested in some good quality super on-trend sunglasses... just use code NIA20 at checkout and you'll save 20% off.  ( wearing my Monarch Tokyo sunnies in this photo. )




Lastly, this is how I store all of my sunglasses. It's super cute and convenient because I can see all of them which makes it easier to pick out a pair that goes with my outfit for that day. I hope you enjoyed this post, I really liked creating it. I'm thinking a sharing more of my little collections. For example my shoe collection, perfume collection etc. Let me know what you think about that idea in the comments below. Thanks for reading <33