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OOTD "Drain You" | 02.06.19

Hey guys! I think I’m going to start posting a lot more OOTD’s on here, I tend to not post as many blog posts because I don't feel like I have enough photos or the outfit isn’t complex enough to post a full blog post. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I started this blog in the first place and it was to be able to share my outfits, and create a place where anyone looking for edgy fashion inspiration can go…

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Ragged Priest | 01.09.19

I’m wearing chartreuse pants!! I’ve always been that person that doesn’t really wear too much color… so I’m definitely stepping a little out of my comfort zone with these green pants. Lime green & chartreuse has always been one of my fave colors/ a color I’m drawn to but i’ve never felt like I could wear the color

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