A Look: How to Style Men's Trousers



Hey guys, so heres another new look I put together that I'm dying over... mostly because these pants are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn. I found these adorable trousers at forever 21 in the mens clearance section for about four dollars... Of course I had to pick them up. I have probably been keeping them hidden up for months before I found the perfect way to show them off. I paired them perfectly with this awesome long sleeve off the shoulder top, this lovely circle belt, and my go to vans and fish net socks combo for a cute, edgy look while still being comfy as hell. Motto: Comfy pants are life!

My recommendation for pulling off a pair of rad men's pants is to pair it with either a super cute cropped top, or some other very feminine top. This makes it so your outfit looks like it's very thought out instead of something you just threw on. Shoes are easy for this look; You can either wear some awesome sneakers like I did, or a pair of chunky sandals, or even a pair of combat boots would look great!  

Let me know what you thought of this look in the comment section below! Thank you for reading <3 


Outfit Deets:

Top: Amazon – found here 
Pants : Forever 21
Belt: Oh Hey Girl – found here
shoes: Vans Hi-top Classic
Socks: Urban outfitters – Found here 


P.S here are some shots behind the scenes of this shoot :p