Chic & Grungy


Hey guys, sorry my new blog post is a few days late; I usually like putting up a new blog post every Thursday but Ive been super busy with something really cool I have planned for you guys ;) Anyways, here is the newest addition to my collection of looks.

This outfit was something I put together after I was gifted this really cute burnt orange dress. I usually don't wear dresses all too often so I kept thinking of ways I could wear this dress but add my own flare to it. So, I paired it with my hi-top classic vans (everyone is hell bent over these right now, and so am I), a pair of fishnet socks and a long black cardigan. I really like this look and I thought it was pretty, chic and cute with my own grungy twist to it, thus came the title "Chic & Grungy". 

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and let me know what you think of this look. Thanks for reading :)