Modeling for Chertova | Spring Collection

Recently I got to work with a super cute jewelry shop named Chertova and an awesome photographer named Megan Mahon. Chertova specializes in studio-made pieces for everyday wear. All their jewelry is super unique, beautiful, feminine and perfect if you're looking for dainty pieces to complete any look. I fell in love with almost every piece of jewelry I wore during this photoshoot. The rings stood out the most to me, they were so gorgeous and felt like they belonged on my finger. From stack rings to the shiny stone rings, I was so in love. 

I got to be the main model of the whole collection, This was something i've never done before. The experience was cool and I received great direction throughout the whole shoot. I was styled and posed. Every detail from the way my clothes fell on my body to my facial expressions were carefully done so we could get the perfect shot. In the shoot I wore a blonde bob, which was very different for me and helped me channel my inner kill bill. (I seriously felt a bit like beatirx and It was awesome) It was something that I wouldn't have ever tried on my own but I was really happy how it turned out. 

Megan was such a great photographer too. All of her work is so beautiful and I have only seen great things from her. Working with her was so easy because she knew exactly what she wanted and I knew she had a certain vision in mind. I worked with a lot of photographers and most of the time I'm the one leading the shoot, but Megan did a great job taking everything into her own hands. Made my job a breeze :p 

In conclusion It was such a fun and great experience I got to learn from, and I believe it is a great asset to my modeling portfolio. 

Check out all the photos from the collection and let me know what you think! 


 I also got to be a hand model :) :)

 I also got to be a hand model :) :)

Check out the whole collection on chertova's site here! and shop some of their beautiful pieces. Stay tuned for some behind the scenes shots!