Best New & Affordable False Lashes


I don't usually wear false lashes... mainly because I'm not that great at applying them but these new lashes were super easy even for me. When I first saw these lashes by Bomb Chic Lashes I was in awe. I never want to spend too much on lashes because I don't know If I'll wear them or not and cute ones are always so expensive :/ So I was super happy when I saw these. They are ridiculously cute, whispy and only for $6.99... like what?!?!? Applying them was really easy too... I've tried Rimmel Lashes and random other ones but I have always had trouble with them. I think because of the band style... but I loved the band on these. It was thin enough that they felt pretty comfortable but not too thin therefore I could apply the glue only on the band without getting glue all over the actual lashes.

The biggest thing that sets these lashes apart from all the others is the style!! The style I'm wearing here is called Fire Bomb... fitting :p I fell in love with these lashes almost immediately and they look even better on. They just made my eyes pop so much more <33

The brand is also super cool!! Their packaging is to die for and I love that they come in this cute little compact. Perfect for storing and traveling. The owner also handmakes all the lashes and she's obviously super great at it. Go check out Bomb Chic Lashes to support an independent brand and get some, well... bomb lashes!!