5 Tips on How I Grow and Keep My Nails Naturally Long

Up until I was like 17, I would bite my nails like crazy. For some reason I just never let my nails grow out. Then one day (I have no idea when) I decided I wanted to grow my nails out. Everyone I knew was fixated with long and fake nails... I wanted long nails but I've always been so to scared to go get them because of all the horror stories I've heard. After a lot of trial and error of growing and keeping my nails long these are the things that have worked for me the most...


1. I ALWAYS keep polish on my nails. 

I will never go without having some kind of nail polish on my nails, whether it's just a clear top coat or a colored polish I make sure I always have something on my nails. It keeps my nails strong and less susceptible to breaking. 

2. Gel Manicures are my best friend. 

I've found that whenever I go get just a simple gel polish on my nails, they always seem to grow the fastest. Gel nail polish is a lot stronger and can last weeks before you have to go get a new manicure. Which is awesome because It gives my nails more time to grow. Going and getting regular manicures helps your nail health greatly! 

This is what my nails looked like per getting a gel manicure and what they looked like after a month of letting them grow out...


After: ...I probably waited way too long :p 

My natural nails after getting them shaped:

3. I NEVER get fake nails

Like I've said before, i've heard so many horror stories with fake nails that it steers me away from ever trying them out... but I've also read that they make it extremely difficult for your nails to grow and they will break down the top layers of your nails which you need to keep your nails strong.

4. Use a strengthening nail polish

My nails haven't always been as strong as they are now. When I first grew my nails out they would break all the time. Then I started using clear strengthening polish and I noticed a huge difference in not only the length but my nails started looking fresher (if that makes sense) and thicker! You can also use Vitamin C supplements to stimulate nail strength ...Thanks Kelsey ;) in

5. Tapping your nails

This one is a weird one but it works! Tapping your nails stimulates blood flow in your nails which helps them grow! Not only do I do this but theres tons of research out there proving so! 


If you want to grow your nails out long and strong, try these five tips and let me know how they have worked for you! Thanks for reading! :)